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7 articles to read this weekend

Fashion as Art

"Fashion photographers are the new painters," they say. Actually, all photographers are painters. Photography is instant paint. But fashion photography stands out above everyday photography because it mashes interesting people into interesting places.

+ Fashionista:. Cool Instagram pictures don’t always convert into sales.

+ The Smart Set: Photography may have replaced painting but painters still get the last laugh.

Go “Pro”

People take more risks when owning a camera in attempt to go viral. But Go Pro pushes the envelope even further because you can wear it on your head and record everything. Everyone can be Johnny Knoxville from Jackass.. So we’ve gone from "Kodak courage" to "GoPro Guts." Although it’s less about the camera and more about the sharing bit, no?

Stark Raving Mad

It’s no secret that fiction writers are a little different. Donald Antrim is no exception. His books contain a psychotic edge that reflect his own anxiety. He’s got the unique ability to peek into both worlds of the mad and the same.

Bad Boy Records

The story of Bad Boy Records is one of grit and teamwork, all through the leadership of Puff Daddy who ran the show and carried the torch himself after Biggie died.

Wordpress, a Quiet Hegemony

"Every second, somewhere in the world four babies and two WordPress blogs are born." Wordpress powers 1/5 of all pages on the Internet, made possible by communication efficient founder/CEO Matt Mullenweg who manages the company through a Wordpress blog chain rather than through emails and meetings.

Apple, Just Like Beyoncé

Apple is the “Beyoncé of the digital world.” Its been able to remain relentless despite the absence of Steve Jobs. But how long can it persist? I

Japanese Electronics

CDs still account for 85% of music sales on Japan, which is quite odd given Japan’s history of developing new technology first. All the meanwhile, the West is finally learning how to communicate in Emoji.

There is such a thing as the courage in remaining baffled.

Donald Antrim

“Q. Do you answer “yes and no” to a lot of questions? A. Sure, because a lot of questions are complex.”

Never Heard Back

Discounted. Lost. Unremarkable. What else is there to say to someone that demands attention.

Silence is complex. It means everything yet nothing. Maybe the other side is busy, lazy, hesitating, or genuinely disinterested. But who’s to know what to think when there’s no response.

Silence causes misery. Just speak up and say no, or not right now. Be honest. Yes is the least expectation.