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It is impossible to eat well in groups if you cannot eat well alone. I think this is true of anything — if it’s not what you do when no one’s looking, it will never be truly what you do.

The Medium

The medium is how something works, how content gets transported, shared, and distributed. The Internet is a medium. Newspapers are a medium. TV, radio, and books are also mediums.

A medium is any platform that connects people together to help facilitate conversation. The medium is the fulcrum for storytelling. But some mediums are more powerful than others. Twitter excels at spreading and goading new movements. That’s why governments are so quick to shut it down. China finds Instagram an equal threat.

The medium is the message. - Marshall Mckihan.

Content is king. But the medium is its BFF.

Your Inner Drone: The Politics of the Automated Future

“Industrialization didn’t turn us into machines, and automation isn’t going to turn us into automatons. We’re not that simple. But automation’s spread is making our lives more programmatic.”

When we outsource our chance to think, we lose out on the chance to build brain cells critical for generating new ideas. We also become less creative and more straightforward and predictable, like Google maps:

“Google filters out serendipity in favor of insularity. It douses the infectious messiness of a city with an algorithmic antiseptic.”

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I nominate Ello for 2015, or not.

Hits x Misses

Hits keep you motivated. Success reinforces positive thinking and propels action. But so too does a good whiff.

You can’t hit a home run every time. That stuff only exists in video games on cheat mode.

Failure teaches perspective. Perspective expands awareness and makes it ok to slip up every once in a while.

What really makes the difference is your attitude. How do you stay focused when all you do is miss?

This Is Your Brain on Rhythm

 Adam Gazzaley, a superstar neurologist on why we need focus: 

“It allows us to interact with the world through our goals and not be led by or be a slave to our environment. It has allowed us to do every remarkable achievement — creation of society, culture, language. They are all dependent on being able to focus on our goals.”

Focus is a bicep curl for the brain.

I don’t think that I would have been able to write a single word had it not been for music as a force in my life.

Digitizing Health

Have you been to the hospital recently? They want to digitize your health. They want to make your history searchable and easily shareable. Even Apple wants you to create a medical ID.

Converting your health into an app saves countless hours of paperwork. It can even save lives, crawling back into your history, and your family’s history, to prevent or slow down illnesses. But an abundance of health data can also sensationalize the facts.

Doctors are already handing out Ritalin like candy. Imagine all the other medicine they’ll give away to preempt or control made-up illnesses.

Cloud-based health data is big business with huge benefits. But beware doctors selling fictitious bugs.

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