Andy Stott – Selfish

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Always pushing forward. That’s how you could describe Manchester electronic producer Andy Stott‘s music. He gave up making formulaic club tracks to focus on pionneering weirder “knackered house,” combining “sludgy tempos, grainy sounds, dense atmospheres.”

He continues exploring new sounds on his latest album Too Many Voices. Perhaps the most interesting track is ‘Selfish,’ where Stott shapeshifts between grime and a distorted dancehall beat.¬†Pay extra attention to catch the noise in between.

Nathan Fake – Now We Know

Image via the artist

Nathan Fake is an electronic music producer originally from Norfolk, England. His latest release includes two tracks for the Ninja Tune imprint.

‘Now We Know’ sees Fake go back to his house roots, making use of moody synthesizers and chords. He made the track in 2010.

A Made Up Sound – Bygones

a made up sound.jpg
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A Made Up Sound (formerly known as 2562) is Dutch producer and former record label owner Dave Huismans. He recently announced the shutdown of his eponymous imprint by putting out a 20-track retrospective: A Made Up Sound Р(2009-2016). His forward thinking techno will continue to stand on its own.

Grab the LP on Bandcamp

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