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Cabin Fever

I picked up a nasty cough in Austin and it won’t seem to go away. So naturally, I’ve stayed and worked at home the last 4 days.

I don’t like working from home. It feels like a nicer, itchier version of jail. Now I understand why dogs or any thing with a living brain for that matter go nuts if they don’t get to go outside. Cabin fever is killer.

People aren’t made to be indoors all day. People need air, they need to complain about smell, and walk and talk into and about each other. Love and hate have an indescribable way of working out.

So the show must go on. It’s time to regroup, to get my shit together as the cold ebbs, to restart the engines. Healing breathes in new life. We never know how good it is to feel healthy until it gets taken away.



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