Best of 2015

Beats, rhymes, and pieces. Here are my favorite tracks from 2015.


  1. Stray – Movements

    A proper intro tune for a mix, a slow and steady chill beat that inspires head nods.

  2. Zap Francis – Two Eleven

    Sounds like Mark Pritchard’s “Arc Light” with a touch of Dilla.

  3. Mbongwana Star – Malukayi (feat Konono No.1)

    Next level. Also one of my favorite music videos of the year.

  4. Dawn Wall – Between the Sheets (feat Artificial Intelligence)

    Dawn Wall burst onto the drum n bass scene this year with some gems. “Longshanks” is also ridiculous. This tune is a standout though.

  5. Fredfades u0026amp; Ivan Ave – Reaping

    Horns, guitar, and hip-hop. Chill.

  6. Bicep – just

    This would be my ringtone if they were still a thing.

  7. Throwing Snow – Lumen

    I first heard his DnB stuff with his 2010 release of Un Vingt

  8. Jamie xx – Gosh

    I would’ve led the mix with this tune but it’s not on SoundCloud.

  9. Mieux – Rush


  10. Leon Vynehall – Time

    This song is actually tied with another Vynheall gem that came out this year: Midnight on Rainbow Road

  11. Gramercy – Ruffian

    For those who miss the 90s sound of The Prodigy.

  12. Glenn Astro – Throwback

    “The old mixed with new like a Philly throwback.” Astro never forgets to put on the breaks.

  13. J Dilla – Dillatronic #7

    It’d be a sin if I left some Dilla newness off this year’s list. #snaredrum

  14. The Cactus Channel – Kill the Doubt (featuring Chet Faker)

    Cat Empire, Hiatus Coyote, The Cactus Channel…Melbourne is the birthplace of so many dope bands.

  15. Wen – She Giv

    I almost went with Wen’s “Pace Myself” instead. If you dig Zomby’s vibes, you’ll dig this.

  16. Session Victim – Summer Games

    Solid house jam.

  17. O’Flynn – Desmond’s Empire

    From his Bandcamp page: “Heavy percussion on this number, African flavoured bass music for the tasteful dance floor.”

  18. Zero T – Piano Clap

    One of those moments when you wish you owned a Vinyl player.

  19. Danny Seth – Safe

    Heats up like a pepper.

  20. Stormzy – Shut Up

    Also heard in an Arsene Wenger meme.

  21. Christian Löffler – York

    Closing tune means a little introspection. Classic(al.)