The four types of luck

If you want to get lucky, you need to put in the work. 

Twitter user @visakanv outlines Marc Andreessen’s blog post on the four kinds of luck in being an entrepreneur. Of course, Andreessen was translating James H. Austin’s book 1978 book Chase, Chance and Creativity.   

The four types of luck, per Visa Kanv’s Tweet

1. Blind Luck

2. Persistent Tinkering Luck

3. Prepared Luck

4. Perfect Storm Luck

To put it another way, here’s Naval Ravikant on how to increase your chances of success.

• Hope luck finds you.

• Hustle until you stumble into it. 

• Prepare the mind and be sensitive to chances others miss.

• Become the best at what you do. Refine what you do until this is true. Opportunity will seek you out. Luck becomes your destiny.

Want to get lucky? Do the work. Reflect and connect the dots. And go to some dinner parties to expand your network, learn new ideas, and promote yourself now and again.