Andy Stott – Selfish

Image via the artist

Always pushing forward. That’s how you could describe Manchester electronic producer Andy Stott‘s music. He gave up making formulaic club tracks to focus on pionneering weirder “knackered house,” combining “sludgy tempos, grainy sounds, dense atmospheres.”

He continues exploring new sounds on his latest album Too Many Voices. Perhaps the most interesting track is ‘Selfish,’ where Stott shapeshifts between grime and a distorted dancehall beat. Pay extra attention to catch the noise in between.


Throwing Snow – One For The Booth

Throwing Snow AKA Ross Snow (image via fb)

Ross Tones is London-based electronic producer Throwing Snow. His broken-beat track ‘Lumen’ appeared on last year’s Best of compilation. His newest track entitled ‘One for the Booth’ is another locked groove exclusive to the forthcoming 111 track #SaveFabric compilation which is avaible for pre-order here or on Bandcamp.

PS. If you like this, check out ‘Bells, Walking‘ from Joy Orbison’s other moniker C/OR.

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Lone – Backtail Was Heavy

Lone AKA
Lone AKA Matthew Cutler (image via Bandcamp)

Lone is the most consistent artist to make it on my annual ‘Best of’ lists. In 2013, it was the rave clapping ‘Airglow Fires‘ and in 2014 it was the bouncy ambient masterpiece ‘Begin to Begin.’

He’s at it again, this time with a 90s Prodigy-esque techno track with quick starting drum kick and pestering bass. He recently performed the track live on Britain’s Channel 4 Four to the Floor show. Check it out below.

He also just remixed Melbourne’s Kllo’s ‘Bollide’ track which was released early on Ghostly International this year. Stream it after the jump.

Download Lone’s latest LP Levitate 

Boxcutter – Canopy

Boxcutter AKA Barry Lynn (image via headphone commute)

Boxcutter is Northern Ireland electronic producer Barry Lynn. I first discovered him back in 2006 with the drum machine track ‘Skuff’d‘ on his Oneiric album debut.

Boxcutter has released multiple albums, EPs, and singles since but on his latest track ‘Canopy,’ he’s proving once again that class is permanent. The chopped jazz break is sure to delight fans who admire his moody dubstep aesthetic.

Grab it on Bandcamp