As of December 27, 2015

I left my social media gig at Victoria’s Secret this December to explore other opportunities. I didn’t boast about the exit in a Medium post. I just had to go to try some things and pursue more self-discovery.

The first thing I did was self-fund a 36-hour train journey on Amtrak. It started in Seattle and went all the way down to Los Angeles. I started a short book about the experience similar to my “Metro North Diaries” but am having some doubts finishing it. Nonetheless, I like to think I made Amtrak reopen up their Amtrak residency for writers so I applied to that last night.

Right now, I’m looking to do more blogging, specifically for companies looking for influencers to help tell their story. I’m using a affirmation technique I heard about in a Tim Ferriss/Scott Adams podcast to motivate me. Each day I write about my ultimate desire on a notecard 15x times. It’s a bit of brainwashing but the good kind. As Seth Godin says, “this might not work.” Even if the “paid” blogging thing doesn’t work out, at least I will have taken some kind of action that leads me in a positive direction elsewhere.

If you’re in to next level music, I just released my Best of 2015. Have a listen.

If you’re interested, I hand select 5 new tracks each week and include them in my newsletter along with some interesting reads. It’s on hiatus because of the Holiday but you can sign up for that here.

Summary of Focus:

  • Find and take on cool side-projects that are really paid gigs. Goal: $6k net/month
  • Continue daily blogging on, which is my creative canvass
  • Make more podcasts out of my newsletter
  • Interview more people for Drip
  • Be a nice, more helpful person, a great husband, and remain close with family
  • Express more gratitude. Send a ‘thank you’ email to at least 1 person a day
  • Try not to let work get in the way of my mood